Construction Zones Are a Hot Spot for Accidents

By Prev Info - February 14, 2022

Construction Zones Are a Hot Spot for Accidents

Improvement of our nation’s highways is great need. Additional expressways ease travel for motorists in the area. Repair of potholes or eroded road shoulders will prevent wear and tear on our vehicles. Therefore, construction zones are welcomed and necessary; however they are a “hot spot” for car accidents. Most municipalities rather modify the flow of traffic rather than closing roads altogether which leads to greater issues.

There are grave dangers present that threaten the safety of not only motorists, but those construction workers present on site. Those who normally travel that area are used to a certain speed, traffic patterns, and traffic signs. When these aspects of travel abruptly change, there is a high likelihood that an accident will occur because there is usually minimal notification to motorists.  It is vital that all individuals present, workers and motorists, adhere to all safety precautions and most importantly, PAY ATTENTION.

Factors that Contribute to These Accidents:

    Debris is carelessly left strewn about;

    Machines and equipment are left in an area they generally not present;

    Misplacement/Presence of barricades;

    Failure of motorists to adhere to the signs posted (speed or lane change);

    Narrowing of the lanes.

4 Tips to Keep You Safe

    Travel at the rate of the posted speed!

    Keep in mind that speeding fines are usually doubled in work zone areas!

    Travel in the lane that is furthest from the workers!

    Stay Alert, Attentive, and Prepare for the Unexpected! 

Construction zones cause traffic to become delayed resulting in heavy congestion. These factors provide for a breeding ground for aggressive driving and rear-end collisions. Two important factors that must be present in order for traffic to remain safe are: the attentiveness of drivers and the existence of smooth running traffic. During any expansion of roadways, it provides for more motorists to utilize them. More people traveling on a particular street increase the likelihood for accidents to occur. According to the CDC or Center for Disease and Control Prevention, 1,095 fatalities were reported taking place in construction work zones.

However, there was a significant drop to 609 in 2012. A national report found that Texas, California, and Florida reported that they had the highest rate of fatalities in construction work zones, reporting at least 50 deaths in all three states that year. According to the Georgia Department of Transportation, 66 percent of the fatalities that take place within work zones are motorist and not workers. Earlier this year, Georgia DOT Commissioner Russell McMurry led in the memorialization of 57 Georgia DOT employees whom have passed away as a result of being injured in a construction work zone.

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Senior Drivers: Knowing When Driving Becomes Too Dangerous

Whether you are the senior yourself or the child of an aging parent, relinquishment of one’s privilege to driver can be life changing and disruptive to either one of you. If you are the senior, your sense of independence is all of a sudden infringed upon. Not to mention, you pride and ego is bruised when something you have acquired and maintained for decades is no longer yours. On the other hand, if you are the child of the senior, it can be tough to watch the person whom you always thought possessed “superpowers,” deteriorate and not unable to accomplish simple tasks. Studies have shown that the aging/elderly population is more likely than any other age group to cause or become involved in a fatal accident.

According to USA Today, fatality rates for drivers over the age of 65 increase significantly. Researchers with Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, joined forces with the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety and found that persons from ages 75 to 84, contribute to the rate of three deaths per 100 million miles driven is equal to the death rate of teenage drivers. This goes to show that experience is not always a necessary determinant when deciding if one should be licensed or not. Where persons are over 85 years of age, the rate surges to nearly four times higher than that of teenage drivers. The following four reasons have noted to contribute to this ideal:

Mental: It is generally known that as one ages their memory begins to suffer and mere brain function decreases

Physical: Those aging persons become unable to fluidly make quick maneuvers or simply turn their neck in order to view oncoming traffic

Visual: The most important factor to any motorist, the ability to see clearly. As one ages their vision is usually affected.

Reaction Time: In the event that one must respond in a quick manner while on the roads, aging persons are less likely to be able to do so

When dealing with an aging driver as the child one may want to ease into the discussion by asking questions such as:

Do you still feel confident behind the wheel?

How is your anxiety level while you are driving?

Do you ever find getting around a confusing and wearisome task?

Would you consider an alternate plan?

Are there ever any times where you are frightened for yourself or other while you are driving?

In most states, you can find a Certified Driving Rehabilitation Specialist who is able to determine whether you or your parent’s skills are adequate enough to continue driving. These individuals are usually referred to by the person’s health care provider. However, they are also available inquiries and consultations.

In deciding whether it has become dangerous for an aging motorist to continue driving all aspects of the ordeal must be considered. Rather than worrying about if their ego is bruised, save them from a life or death situation. They have taken care of you your entire life, not it is time for you to take care of them.

How To Obtain Your Auto Accident Report 

One day following your car accident, you find yourself on the phone with your insurance agent discussing arrangements for transportation because your car has been totaled. The first order of business will be determining fault and your agent needs verification of what happened. You being to “revisit” the scene, everything happened so fast, and all you can remember is waking up with someone knocking frantically on your window. The police report will properly notate this information, but how do you go about acquiring it?

The State of Georgia limits the rights of those able to request a traffic crash report and requires that a written statement accompany the request. This law is governed by the Open Records Act of 2012. 

The Open Records Act of 2012

If the accident was investigated and reported by the Georgia State Patrol, contact your local subunit. Most law enforcement agencies have an Open Records Unit, contact this agency as well. Keep in mind that there may be a charge for the request, thus when contacting the agency be sure that you inquire as to any fees that may need to be submitted along with the request. The request must include the following:

Your full name

Your mailing address

Your contact telephone number (and fax number if available)

The names of the subjects or victims of the investigation or report

The records being requested

The Georgia county or city where the incident occurred

The date of the investigation or incident associated with your request

The crash report number or incident report number, if known

In the event that law enforcement officials were not called or the accident took place on private property, The Georgia Department of Driver Services encourages you to document a detailed account of the accident while it remains fresh on your mind. Click on the following link to access this document, Personal Report of Accident. It is not necessary that this document be submitted, it is merely for your personal use and documentation.

We are fully aware that being involved in a car accident can be a traumatic experience. While it can cause a great disrupt with work, school, and even family, we want to extend our assistance in the legal area in any way possible.

contact Accident Lawyer, where competent, personal injury attorneys can make matters better and guide you through the process of obtaining your traffic accident report.