Congestion Relief

By Prev Info - February 27, 2022

 Congestion within the body forms for many reasons. Colds, allergies, sinusitis and irritants such as smoke and dust can cause congestion. Bacteria, infections, smoke and dust can cause inflammation of nasal passages and chest airways. When these passages become inflamed, mucus builds up, causing congestion. For relief and comfort, try using these simple remedies to treat congestion.

Cold & Flu

Neti Pot

Neti pots are used to help relieve nasal congestion by irrigating the nasal cavity. Water or saline solution is used to remove impacted mucus, dust and smoke. Fill the neti pot with warm water or a saline solution from the pharmacy. Leaning over a sink, tilt the head, placing the spout of the neti pot into the upper nostril. The warm water or saline solution will flow through the nasal cavity and exit out of the other nostril. Repeat the steps for the other nostril. Using a neti pot for congestion is great for those who are looking for a natural alternative to medication.


Treatment of congestion using steam can be performed in one of two ways within your home: shower or boiling water. Begin running a hot shower in the bathroom for five to 10 minutes. Make sure all windows and doors are closed so that the steam doesn't seep out. After 10 minutes, head to the bathroom, closing the door tightly. Sit on the edge of the tub, or toilet, and begin breathing the steam in through the nose and out of the mouth. Turn the hot water off and sit in the steam for at least 10 minutes. Repeat every three to four hours. 

Boiling water in a pot on the stove can also produce steam to help with congestion. ​Fill a large pot with a half-gallon of water. Put 3 tbsp. of salt into the water. Once the water comes to a hard boil, remove the pot from the stove, placing a towel over your head. Bend your face down to the steam and inhale. The moisture from the steam and salt help moisten mucus and shrink nasal passages as well as the airways in the chest. Be careful not to get too close to the steam as this can burn the face.


Vaporizers and eucalyptus oil are great for treating congestion. Fill the vaporizer with water and add two to three drops of eucalyptus oil. The steam from the vaporizer moistens the air within the home as well as mucus in the sinuses and chest. Eucalyptus oil will loosen phlegm so that it becomes easier to expel.





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