Carcraft Project Cars From the 80s

By Prev Info - February 01, 2022

Retro cars of the 1980s bring to mind an era stocked with flashy style and speed. Several iconic cars stand out from the decade as memorable muscle cars for the '80s car enthusiast. As shown by several project cars featured in Car Craft magazine, the right vehicle with some serious modifications and bodywork can take any 1980s car from being dated or overrated to completely re-created.

Ford Mustang

Ford Mustang

Although the 1980s are not remembered as a banner decade for the Mustang, the affordability of the vehicle in today's market makes it a viable modern-day project car. In 2010, Car Craft Magazine featured the 1981 "Foxinator" Mustang of Kevin Kenley. The old Mustang became the new body for a 4.6L V-8 engine that was transplanted from a 2004 Mustang SVT Cobra. Another Car Craft feature on street racers highlighted two Mustang project cars from the 1980s in the 2007 issue. Tim Meagher's '81 Mustang was the NMCA Street Race Points Champion of 2006. A supercharged '88 Mustang was another competing racer.

Chevrolet Corvette

Despite restrictions that did not set the coupe of the 1980s Corvette apart from its predecessors in performance, the car remained popular for its sleek body and style. Production of the Corvette C4 peaked in production in 1984, followed by the L98 in 1985. Many enthusiasts today find it an ideal choice for their 1980s car project. Car Craft featured the C4 Corvette in "Disco Dread - The C4 Corvette Is The Cool In Dork's Clothing" for a project car highlighted in its 2009 issue.

Pontiac Firebird

The legendary Pontiac Firebird Trans Am was popularized by television's "Knight Rider" in the 1980s. The increased torque and horsepower that came with the decade's sporty redesign brought it into greater popularity among a generation with a need for speed. During a time when new fuel-efficiency mandates had recently pushed many cars out of the market, the Firebird remained a strong performance car for many years to come. It is remembered as an iconic vehicle of the era. In 2009, Car Craft did a multipart series on a 1991 Pontiac Firebird Formula very similar to its 1980s predecessors. The "Dyno Diagnosis, TPI Style" feature was written by Terry McGean.