Car Leasing - Top Reasons Why its a Good Idea

By Prev Info - February 03, 2022

Car Leasing has an air of exclusivity still attached to it.  Many believe they can’t lease a car because their company doesn’t do company cars, or that they can’t lease a car because they won’t use it for business.  Both of these and many of the other myths that surround car leasing aren’t true.


Car Leasing

Car leasing is an option that is available to anyone who wishes to attain a vehicle, obviously money may dictate which car you can lease or buy, but given that you are in a position to afford running a vehicle leasing is an option you should consider.

To help destroy the myths that surround car leasing and hopefully enlighten those who aren’t too sure what it’s all about, the following reasons have been put together.

1)     By leasing a car you can keep the car for a fixed term, usually making fixed payments every month.   At the end of the term, hand the car back and move onto the next one.  No need to worry about having to sell the car, or the looming repair bills that inevitably come with older cars.

2)    Limited initial outlay – a deposit is usually required to lease a car, usually one or two months payment up front, this can be considerably less than the cash outlay needed when buying a car.

3)    Get an independent view – Most lease car companies cover many makes and models of cars and as a result can give an honest opinion on what car is right for you, this can be particularly beneficial if it is your first car.

4)    Get an all inclusive plan – Some lease companies offer lease plans that will include the cost of servicing and any maintenance work that will need to be carried out on the vehicle during the lease period.  This doesn’t always work out to be the cheapest option, but it can certainly be the stress-free option.

Car leasing can be a simple way to get hold of a vehicle and get on the road quickly.  It’s worth considering if you are looking at acquiring a new vehicle but don’t want the commitment and responsibility that can come with purchasing one.





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