Can You Sell Items on eBay As Donations?

By Prev Info - February 07, 2022

The popular online auction site eBay allows sellers and nonprofits to list and sell items on eBay and then donate the full selling price or a predetermined percentage of it to charity through a program called eBay Giving Works. The item itself isn't sold as a donation, but the proceeds from the sale become a donation.

Giving Works

The Giving Works program allows eBay sellers to donate a portion of the proceeds from their sales or the entire selling price of items to nonprofit organizations. The Giving Works interface helps you manage a listing from beginning to end and, according to eBay, manages the actual donation of raised money through an eBay-approved partner, Mission Fish, 22 to 28 days after the item sale date.

Listed Nonprofits

The eBay site states that "more than 18,000 nonprofit organizations are registered" with eBay Giving Works. If you are unsure of which cause to donate to, browse the directory of nonprofits by type or search it by name. If your favorite cause is not listed within the directory, eBay provides a form you can fill out to encourage your preferred charity to register with Mission Fish. Any 501(c)(3) organization is eligible for registration.

New Giving Works Listings

Sellers are able to create a Giving Works listing through the standard eBay "Sell your item" form. After you have entered all of the typical item information details such as title, description and shipping charges, locate the "Choose how you'd like to sell your item" section.Immediately under the item price details is the "Participate in eBay Giving Works" section. Select your nonprofit and the portion of your item sale price you want to donate to the charity before submitting your item.

Benefits for Individual Sellers

Besides the ability to donate to your favorite charity while selling, the eBay Giving Works program offers other benefits. After your items sells, you are eligible for a final value fee credit in a percentage equal to the percentage of the item price donated to charity. For example, if you donated 60 percent of the item's final price to charity, 60 percent of your final value fee cost is refunded to you. Giving Works also offers the opportunity to obtain tax receipts to sellers. A receipt is necessary if you wish to report your donations on an income tax return.

Giving Works for Nonprofits

Nonprofits are able to register for eBay Giving Works through Mission Fish to receive donations from sellers but are also eligible to conduct what eBay terms "Nonprofit Direct Selling." The direct selling option allows nonprofits that accept item donations to convert those donations into cash through the eBay marketplace. The nonprofit organization receives refunds of 100 percent of final value fees and also receives an insertion fee refund when an item sells.





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