Automobile Safety Innovations That Save You Money On Insurance

By Prev Info - February 02, 2022

With each passing year, more and more automobile safety innovations are introduced into vehicles. These safety technologies obviously keep us all safer on the roads and they can also save you quite a bit of money on your car insurance. Insurance companies know that cars with safety technologies help keep insurance claims down, which is why they often charge less to insure cars outfitted with the following safety innovations.

Automobile Safety Innovations car

1. Safety glass

All windshields in modern cars come with safety glass, which is essentially glass that is laminated on both sides with plastic. The plastic sheets hold the glass shards in place if the windshield cracks, preventing those shards from flying into the car and injuring the occupants.

2. Occupant cage

 Every vehicle should have a strong occupant cage. That cage is a section of reinforced frame that sits around the occupant’s seats, keeping the vehicle from crumbling into the occupants.

3. Adaptive cruise control

Cruise control is a great feature to use on long freeway treks, except for when you come upon cars that are traveling significantly slower than your set speed. Adaptive cruise control actually detects the cars in front of yours, slowing your car down to follow at a safe distance until the car in front of you either moves or speeds up.

4. Crumple zones

 Every vehicle should have both front and rear crumple zones which are designed to absorb the energy from an impact. In sedans the crumple zones are located in the trunk and engine compartment. Do research online to see if the vehicle you are interested in has front and rear crumple zones.

5. Electronic brake force distribution

 Anti-lock brakes have become the standard in the automotive industry, which keep a car’s brakes from locking up during hard stopping scenarios. Electronic brake force distribution takes the ABS brake system further, allowing the car’s computer to adjust the braking force going to each wheel to help the driver maintain optimal control of the vehicle.

6. Blind spot warning system

While it is a newer technology, blind spot warning systems are catching on quickly. The system has cameras that detect if another car is sitting in your blind spot. When this is the case, either a light will illuminate or a small chime will sound to warn the driver, helping avoid a possible accident.

7. Reversing systems

Reverse cameras have become quite popular on cars, giving drivers a way to see what’s behind their vehicle as they are reversing out of a driveway or parking stall. A growing number of cars are coming with systems that warn if cross traffic is coming from either direction behind the vehicle while it is reversing. In effect the system acts like another set of eyes for the driver, helping avoid some potentially serious or fatal accidents.

8. Seatbelts

While seatbelts are not a new technology, they still help keep insurance rates down. Look for vehicles with more advance seatbelt technology such as devices that cinch up the belts at the moment of impact or inflate the belts like little airbags.



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