Are Rental Lot Signs Important?

By Prev Info - February 08, 2022

When someone is selling or renting a lot they want people to know. This is because they want someone to buy it and announcing it is for rent is part of the process. Using rental lot signs is one way to do this and it is a popular way let display what lot is available for rent.

Rental lot signs are used by individuals selling land as well as real estate agents or Realtors that are renting a lot. There are different types of signs available for use. They come in a variety of materials, styles, colors and sizes. Nevertheless, an outside material is needed to help keep the sign in good shape and easy to read.

 If it is not a durable outdoor material the weather will ruin the sign. It could make the text run off the material, it could make the sign material fall apart and it could weaken the sign. If the text runs off the sign then there will be no message to announce the lot is for rent. If it makes the material fall apart then the sign will need frequent replacing. Then if the sign is weakened it will no longer remain upright and sturdy to help it display the message clearly. Instead materials such as plastic, aluminum and vinyl are used for outdoor signs.

Outdoor signs are often made to be durable, weatherproof, rust proof and fade proof. It doesn’t matter if the sign is permanent or temporary. If it is going to be outside being weatherproof is the best choice. That way if it rains or snows or there is another weather condition the sign doesn’t need protected. It will look as beautiful and be as easy to read after the storm as it was to read before the store.

A rental lot sign is considered a temporary sign. This is because it is placed near the rental lot until the lot is rented. Nevertheless, since these are strong outdoor materials the sign can be reused at another rental lot. This also saves the person renting the property money because they don’t have to keep purchasing signs.

Plastic, aluminum and vinyl are all created and treated to be outside. Deciding on the rental lot signs material is up to the person purchasing the sign, of course. They will consider their budget, where they will locate the sign, what size they need and in general what will work best for their purposes. Each is viable choices. Plastic corrugated signs are often used in these instances. These signs are also called yard signs. They are designed to have a message on both sides of the sign. There are holes in the middle of the two sides that are perfect for putting in a stand to display the sign.

The owner puts one end of an “H” shaped stand into the holes and the other in the ground in front of the rental lot. It could also have an insert frame and the sign face is placed in the frame. An aluminum sign resembles what is used for traffic signs. It is often covered with a reflective coating that makes it easy to see at night when light is put on the sign. This helps expand the exposure. Vinyl signs can be applied to a freestanding sign. It resembles a billboard.



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