By Prev Info - February 10, 2022

 DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) allows simultaneous voice and high speed data connections over the existing telephone lines. DSL technology puts a high speed digital link on the telephone line, and DSL modems do not interfere with regular phone services. DSL works on the unused high frequencies of your telephone line. The DSL modems contain a splitter which transmits voice signals on their normal low frequencies while it transmits the data signals at a high frequency. Therefore a DSL modem enables simultaneous access to voice and data signals and hence with DSL, you do not need an additional phone line, as you might need with dialup.

Variations of DSL

The two main types of DSL technologies are: ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) and SDSL (symmetric digital subscriber line). Apart from ADSL and SDSL, two other DSL technologies are HDSL (High Bit-Rate DSL) and VDSL (Very High Bit-Rate Digital DSL).

ADSL is the most popular form of DSL. ADSL allows users to make phone calls while simultaneously accessing the internet. Data is received at speeds of 1.5 to 20 mbps. On the other hand, SDSL supports same data rate while sending and receiving but does not allow simultaneous access to phone and internet.

Benefits of DSL

DSL provides always-on connections and therefore eliminates the need to dial up to the internet each time. DSL connection speeds are much faster than dialup and therefore DSL eliminates the waiting times associated with downloading large size files and graphics over the internet. DSL also enable users to get more use out of their internet since with the higher DSL speeds, users can view and download much more content including music, videos, etc. With DSL, users do not need to pay for extra phone line or miss important phone calls. DSL is also the more cost-effective option among the other high speed access alternatives.

Getting DSL connection

To get a DSL connection, you can compare the DSL offers of various ISPs that offer DSL in your area. You can check what all services are included in the price, for example DSL equipment, installation support, contract terms, time to start the DSL service, etc.  you can view the real-time quotes of DSL service providers and compare their offerings.



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