Repetitive Movement Injuries And Why You May Need Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys

By Prev Info - February 11, 2022

 It is fair to say that repetitive movement injuries are a relatively new type of claim that Los Angeles personal injury attorneys have to deal with. In fact, it is only within the last 20 years this type of injury (otherwise known as repetitive strain injury or R.S.I) has become a recognised source of injury within the workplace.

 Prior to this, people used to go sick from work with strains and bad backs without the employer or doctors for that matter really understanding the crux of the problem. Inevitably it has resulted in more people taking time off work than any other type.

Statistics show that as many as one half of the workforce will take time off work at some time in their careers due to repetitive movement injury. Financially this has a devastating impact on firms because if you take in all the factors such as arranging temporary cover, paid sick wages, and reduced productivity, each RSI injury case can set a company back as much as $60,000.

The government has in place workers compensation for such an instance and companies should be covered by their insurance so claims should be fairly straight forward. However there are times when you just might need the services of Los Angeles personal injury attorneys.

One of the immediate things that you should do if you feel that you might have developed repetitive strain injury is to talk to your doctor. They will examine you and can confirm or deny that it is the nature of your work that is causing and exacerbating an injury. If this is the case then you should speak to your employer right away. If upon telling your employer of your injury and they fail to do anything about making your work environment a safer place to do your job, then a skilled lawyer can step in.

Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can also liaise with the firm's insurance company and will make sure that you are entitled to compensation. However it is important to note that the insurance company will be working directly with, or for your employer, and will only payout the minimal amount necessary. Your attorneys on the other hand, will be working directly for you and will do everything within their power to make sure that you receive the full and fair compensation that you deserve.

In many cases insurance payout is pretty 'black and white' as it is paid out on a scale and severity of an injury. It doesn't take into account, other injuries that might have been sustained as a result of R.S.I. Criteria such as ongoing medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, loss of wages or in some cases being forced to resign because of your injury, may all be valid reasons why you need to seek the services of a lawyer.

Nowadays the onset of ergonomic furniture such as chairs and desks are designed to support the muscles and joints of a worker that are constantly being used, so there is no excuse for employees not to implement these strategies. Also a credible employer will take time out to look at the work environment as a whole to ascertain where improvements could be made, and the majority of employees do in fact take this type of injury very seriously.

However, if you feel that you have been treated badly regarding your injury, or bullied into not making a claim , or even been directly fired for no particular reason at all, then Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help.

Remember a skilled attorney is there to fight your corner and can advise you of the road that you need to go down in order to get the situation resolved. They are working for you and will have your best interests at heart. Repetitive movement injury or carpal tunnel syndrome can be a serious injury and should be treated as such and in effect can cause much suffering and pain for the individual concerned.

Thus by placing the correct monetary compensation on such a case, experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorneys will see that you are able to give you what you deserve so that you can hopefully move on with your life.



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