Workspace Ideas for Kids

By Prev Info - February 23, 2022

Your school-age child will soon outgrow the kitchen or dining table and require a designated workspace. Create a quiet place for him to concentrate on homework, hobbies and projects. You can use a desk or make a custom workspace in your child's bedroom or another clutter-free area of your home.

Workspace Ideas for Kids

Study Nook

The kitchen or living room may not be the best places for a quiet workstation for your school-age child. Choose a location that has fewer distractions for focused study and craft time. Your child's bedroom is a typical place for a desk and bookshelves; however, you may want to separate his play and sleeping area from the work area. Find unused corners of your home to make an organized workspace. 

This can include the landing on the top of your stairs, a wide hallway that has little traffic or a corner nook in the dining room. You can even use a large bedroom or hall closet to make a study nook. Place a desk or table and a comfortable chair that fits in well in the area. Keep the workspace clutter-free and organized with bookshelves and baskets for storage.

Bedroom Desks

Your child's bedroom is his own private area and can be a good space for homework, studying and art projects. Make a workstation in a well-lit corner of the bedroom with a traditional child's desk or make your own with a table and bookshelves. To save space and separate the workspace from the sleep and play area, put in a desk below a raised loft or bunk bed. Help your child keep the area free of toys and other clutter by storing only books, stationary and arts and hobby supplies in the desk and on bookshelves.

Suspended Desk

A traditional desk takes up room and may not fit into your home design and space. You can make a practical workspace for your child by installing a suspended corner desk. This is simply a counter or desk top that is mounted on brackets in a corner or along a wall. A suspended desk gives you more room for storage below it and makes a room seem more spacious. You can also custom-size it to make a desk that is large enough for two kids or for you to help your child with his homework. Use stacking shelves beside or below the suspended desk to keep supplies organized and tucked away.

Custom Desk

If your child needs a new workstation, you may have items around the house to create a purpose-built desk for him. Use crates or sturdy boxes and a shelf board to make a custom desk. You can also use two low bookshelves or bedside drawers to place a desktop on. Ensure that the desk is the right height for your child to comfortably sit and work on. Choose a comfortable, yet sturdy, chair or bench for sitting.

Workspace Tips

Kids are natural collectors and may try a variety of art projects and hobbies. They can keep their workspace tidy with custom organizers. Help your child make his own paper and magazine organizes by diagonally cutting off the top of a cereal box and covering it with gift-wrap. Tile the wall above the desk with cork board tiles to make a push-pin bulletin board to post reminders and study aids. Or hang a magnet board to avoid using sharp wall tacks. 

For younger schoolchildren, you can paint the wall above the workstation or even the desk surface with chalkboard paint to allow easy notes and drawings. Use a large box to make a cardboard cubicle that can be placed right on the desk when your child needs more focused study time.





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