FAQs about Car Accident & Personal Injury Lawsuits

By Prev Info - February 28, 2022

Car accident lawyers are dedicated to helping clients who have been wrongfully injured through the negligence of other drivers. Learn more about the personal injury legal process with these professional answers from  lawyers:

What should I do if I’m involved in an auto accident?

If you have been injured in an automobile accident, seek immediate medical treatment. If you are able to remain at the scene of the accident, collect as much information as possible, including:

-The other driver’s personal and insurance information
- Any documented information from law enforcement
- Witness contact information
- Photographic evidence of any damage to the vehicles involved. Any other potential evidence from the scene

After you’ve gathered all necessary information from the scene of the accident, contact personal injury lawyer. highly-experienced personal injury lawyers will discuss your potential personal injury case with you and the next steps to protect your rights.

Do I need a personal injury attorney?

Yes—insurance companies consistently try to under-compensate car accident insurance claims regardless of personal injury. Our highly-qualified personal injury lawyers manage clients’ car accident lawsuits to ensure proper and fair compensation.

What are the costs of hiring the personal injury lawyers 

personal injury lawyers do not require any up-front or out-of-pocket payments. They only receive payment upon settlement or recovery of your personal injury lawsuit.

Will the lawyers come to me if I am unable to go to their  office?

Yes! If you are injured or unable to come to office, they will come to you. After calling them.

What does “filing suit” mean, and why is it performed?

“Filing suit” is simply the act of filing legal papers to begin a lawsuit. law firm files suits against negligent drivers following car accidents when pre-suit options are exhausted.

Filing a lawsuit enables lawyers to work hard to get clients the compensation they deserve following personal injury in a car accident due to negligence.

How soon should I file a lawsuit following my car accident?

Speak to car accident lawyers as soon as possible to file your car accident lawsuit. There is a limited amount of time for our personal injury lawyers to file a lawsuit for car accidents; people who wait too long to file their suit potentially receive significant reductions to their compensation recoveries, and may void the right to recover any compensation whatsoever.

Should I bring any documents with me to meet with the car accident lawyers?

car accident lawyers request that new clients bring:

-Copies of any reports regarding the accident, such as police reports, insurance information, or personal injury statements.

-Health insurance information and any documents from healthcare providers or hospitals.

-Photos of initial injuries, the accident location, and damage to the vehicles

-The Coverage Declarations Page from the car insurance policy

What is considered “negligence” in car accident lawsuits?

Negligence in car accident lawsuits occurs when a person  fails to use reasonable care standards regarding the safety of others.

How do police officers and car insurance companies determine accident liability?

police officers and car insurance companies determine car accident liability by first investigating if any traffic laws were broken. The driver who broke any existing traffic laws is often the driver cited for fault.

However, if there are any extraneous circumstances, such as a chain reaction accident,  police officers usually recount these actions within their reports to determine the main person at fault for any traffic accidents.

If I’m partially at fault for my injuries, can I still pursue compensation?

negligence laws state that clients who are partially at fault for any car accidents may still recover compensation for their injuries.

The Firm comparative negligence system when assessing the compensation amount to be recovered when clients are partially at fault for personal injuries sustained in car accidents.

Who can The hold liable if I sustain catastrophic injuries? 

Clients who sustain catastrophic injuries should speak to one of personal injury lawyers as soon as possible to determine liability. In some catastrophic injury cases, there are multiple persons at fault for the injury, including drug manufacturers, employers, other motor vehicle drivers, truck drivers, doctors, or hospitals.

Should I sign any paperwork that is sent to me from the other driver’s insurance company?

In addition, car accident lawyers strongly recommend that  clients do not sign anything from any car insurance company when pursuing compensation for personal injury until the client speaks with an attorney. In many cases, the car insurance company offers immediate funds to settle the case, but may not be very clear in their offering. lawyer will review the documents to ensure that client are not signing away their rights to a reasonable settlement, trial, or any other rights and compensation to which they may be entitled.

The other driver’s insurance company is requesting a recorded statement from me; how should I proceed?

Speak to car accident lawyers  immediately. lawyer will advise whether this statement is in the best interest of the client’s personal injury lawsuit.

How will my medical bills and damages be paid if the other driver does not have insurance?

When the driver at fault does not have car insurance, clients who have purchased Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Insurance work with their own insurance company to recover compensation. However, when this occurs, clients often experience difficulties recovering these funds from their own insurance company.

Approximately how long will my personal injury lawsuit last, and when can I expect compensation for my personal damages?

Every car accident lawsuit is different, and the length of the legal process varies depending on the severity of client’s injuries and damages. In many cases, it is not recommended that clients settle with the insurance company before understanding the true extent of their injuries and the required recover time.



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