Workplace Injuries on Construction Jobs

By Prev Info - February 20, 2022

The risk of injury on a construction job is substantial. While many people assume that modern safety precautions have eliminated the high risk associated with this field, the truth is that most construction sites are still incredibly unsafe if not properly protected and maintained. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics ranks private construction among the most dangerous fields of work with higher death rates than any other industry and countless annual injuries.

The Risks of Construction

While working on a construction site, there are any number of possible injuries you can suffer. With multiple hazards located throughout the work area, workers are vulnerable from chemicals, scaffolding, electrical wiring, and large machinery that require special care for safe operation.

The most common causes of injury and death on the construction site are related to mistakes and poor conditions – with precautions not being taken when they are necessary. Defective machinery, dangerous conditions, faulty equipment, and accidents such as falling are all related directly to these injuries. If you work on a construction site, it is important to not only know the safe methods of using the materials there, but to watch the safety precautions closely and ensure that everything is well established throughout the site.

Handling a Construction Injury

While most constructions injuries are accidents, it is important to recognize that some could be caused by negligence or poor safety conditions. Most basic accidents are covered by workplace insurance. However, when an accident makes it hard to continue working or leads to long term injury or even death, it is possible that the liability lies with the construction company or even a fellow employee who was working unsafely. Many people avoid these situations or ignore when potential liability is at stake. It is important that you watch these situations closely though as they can greatly affect your future.

While construction is a dangerous business, it is still a job, and no one should ever put their life on the line for a pay check. Keep a close eye on your conditions and how your life and health are affected by them each day. 

This article is intended as informational and should not be taken as legal advice. Contact a work injury attorney for more information



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