Why A Good Los Angeles Accident Attorney Is Vital To Your Pedestrian Accident Claim

By Prev Info - February 17, 2022

If you have had an accident as a pedestrian whilst in the city of LA, then chances are that you are going to need the services of a good Los Angeles accident attorney. Pedestrian accidents are more common than you think. To get an idea of the type of pedestrian accidents on our roads, here are some common causes:

Driving with undue car and attention

Motorists who are either speeding, ignoring traffic signs, backing out of parking lots without looking or disobeying traffic lights and signals are also major causes of pedestrian injuries.

Driving under the influence

Motorists who drive under the influence of either alcohol or drugs are much more likely to have an accident than someone who is driving normally.

Driving without regard for weather conditions

Vehicle owners who drive excessively fast for the weather conditions are also likely to become involved in an accident with a pedestrian.

If you feel that you have been involved in a pedestrian accident then by speaking to an experienced Los Angeles accident lawyer who specializes in this type of claim, you will find that they might be able to help you more than you think. For instance within the state of California you are able to file a claim against a driver even if you were partially at fault. 

However your lawyer will still have to prove that the driver was also negligent. In cases such as these, fault is awarded on a percentage or ratio basis which can sometimes be very difficult to prove. So for arguments sake.. if you were deemed to be 30% at fault you would receive 70% of the total payout, should you win your lawsuit.

A skilled Los Angeles accident attorney will also have a team of experts that they can call on who will closely examine the accident scene and give their detailed findings to your attorney. From this detailed evidence, your lawyer will then be able to construct a case. People such as forensic scientists and crash team investigators may well be a vital part in a successful claim.

When you do a search online for 'pedestrian accident attorney in Los Angeles' it returns over 620,000 results. So you have a lot of choice. In cases such as this, how do you know which law firm to choose to represent you? In your search you will see a lot of law firms which generalise in all areas. For this reason, it is always best to go with an attorney who is not only experienced, but also specializes in your area. They should also be used to dealing directly with claims such as yours. 

The reason for this is that pedestrian accident claims can involve governmental departments, especially in the case of dealing with road defects. Quite often, in claims such as these, the law can be quite tricky. A great Los Angeles accident attorney will be fully compliant with the intricacies of such laws and will know which route to take in order to help your case.

Although this may well be a difficult period, taking the time out to select the right Los Angeles Accident attorney is absolutely vital to your success. As discussed earlier, a pedestrian claim can be quite a complex matter, as the lawyer will have to deal with things like taking witness accounts (if applicable), closely monitoring your medical treatment, being the point of communication between you and the courts, responding to all letters or emails regarding your case and beginning careful negotiation with the insurance company. 

All of these tasks are ones the lawyer and his team will take on board. Being involved in a pedestrian accident is one thing, but pursuing a claim for your injuries is an entirely different matter, and this is why a Los Angeles accident attorney is absolutely vital to your success.





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