What to do if you have a slip and fall accident

By Prev Info - March 01, 2022

There are thousands of people whom have slips and falls on other properties including businesses. This can occur because of weather conditions, rough patch of ground, uneven floors, torn carpet, or poorly lit areas when it’s dark. 

If you have been injured on someone else’s property or at a business, look around and see if it was the carelessness on your behalf or if it was due to the property. If it was the properties fault make sure you speak with whom it belongs to immediately. Explain the situation and point out where exactly you fell to show them how this happened. If there were any witnesses make sure they also give their side of the story. Having someone else see this occur will be embarrassing for you but may also help you out in the long run proving your not at fault.

There isn’t really a way to determine if it’s legally their responsibility for your injury if you slip or fall. The owners of the property could say you were being careless and that the injury could have been avoided. Many cases property owners can just insist they weren’t aware of the poor conditions of their property which then you can’t prove if this is true information or not. If you keep insisting that it was their fault and they don’t budge, look into getting a lawyer.

If you try to settle with the business yourself it might become a big hassle and it may not get anywhere. You might feel if you contact the corporate location or the main owner of the building that they’ll end the case. Many times you can write letters and speak to them on a frequent basis but still nothing. This can be very frustrating if you go alone. If you still feel you were not at fault and there was no way to avoid what has happened to you, seek a lawyer immediately.

The lawyer will be able to make your case stand out to the business owner or the property owner. Once you involve a lawyer they will realize this isn’t a joke and that you are serious. If you slip or fall and feel that you are ok, get checked out anyway to be safe. You never know that your injuries could just be holding back to something going wrong in the near future. When you slip or fall explain the situation to your lawyer and advise him of the situation. If you have a camera on you when the fall happens, make sure to take pictures of the property damage which caused your fall. This will defiantly help you out with your case if it’s taken to court.

Many larger businesses do not want cases brought to court due to their reputations being destroyed. Other times they will file out of court and give you what you are asking for. If you do fall and have injuries they would be responsible for the bills along with treatments you may need to recover. So just remember if you fall, seek the owner immediately and tell them the side of the story and file a complaint.

Most established businesses do have cameras on sight so check to see if any camera caught your fall. If you have suffered injuries that no longer allow you to work then you need to tell your lawyer that as well. Accidents happen and you can’t help that.



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