What are your Rights if you are a Victim of a Car Accident?

By Prev Info - March 01, 2022

It can be devastating, changing your life in a split second. You are on your way to the grocery store and someone fails to stop at the light. You didn’t see it coming as the other driver carelessly plunges deeply into the side of your car. You are now a victim of a car accident. You can’t predict what every driver will do in fact all we can do is hope that everyone obeys the law. They follow the signs and pay attention to where they are going. But unfortunately this is not the way that it goes and there is a car accident happening somewhere now as you read.

If you are a victim of a car accident what rights do you have? It’s important to be prepared in case this happens to you. The law protects car accident victims and will help to prevent suffering from loss of income and loss of assets that you may own. To cover all the basics you must do the following if you are a victim in a car accident.

After your car has come to a stop remain seated for a few minutes to assess your situation. Don’t get up and walk around immediately, unless you see or smell smoke. It’s critical to do the right thing the first few minutes of a car accident. You had no idea that you were going to get hit so this is all new to you and you have to absorb it all. Pain can sometimes start immediately or it can be delayed. Sitting still for a few minutes will give you the opportunity to figure out how you or any passengers that are riding with you.

It’s always a good idea to carry a pen and paper in your glove box in case of accidents. Find someone who can take charge of the paper and pen to write names down of everyone who witnessed the car accident. Always get the name and number of the person in charge of the list so you can give it to police. It’s easier to contact one person than several people.

Always seek medical attention. Sometimes the body doesn’t feel pain immediately due to the adrenaline rush. This rush prevents feeling pain and hurt until the rush is over. That is why it’s a good idea to receive care on site, never refuse.

If you are injured, whether you stay in the hospital or recover at home, keep a journal of how you are feeling, what occurred, if anyone contacted you, did you receive any mail regarding the car accident, and every doctor appointment. If you stay on top of things then you will be more prepared if your case goes to trial.

Call an attorney the moment things become complicated. They are there to help you and protect you. Sometimes car accidents are easy and others are hard so be prepared if you need them. Make a list of questions you want to ask your attorney if you need one. This will help you stay on top of things and be prepared so no time is wasted.





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