Nevada Premises Liability Accident Claims

By Prev Info - February 16, 2022

There Are Many Types Of Premises Liability Accident Claims

Nevada Premises liability accident claims often involve "slip and fall" or "trip and fall" accident claims. However, there are many other types of injury claims which fall under Nevada Premises Liability Law. In Nevada, Premises Liability accident claims can include the following: 

failure to warn of dangerous property conditions, construction accidents, negligent security, violent crime attacks, dog bites, fire injuries, Hotel & Casino accidents, wrongful death accidents, broken step accidents, swimming pool accidents, attractive nuisance accident claims, exposure to hazardous materials claims, assault and battery claims, poor lighting accidents, Sick Building Syndrome, and many types of negligent acts which happened due to a dangerous property condition. Consult a Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer for a free consultation on any premises liability claim.

Property Owners Should Protect & Warn Of Dangerous Conditions

A property, business or home owner should keep the property in a reasonably safe condition to protect people from dangerous property conditions which the owner knew (or should have known about). Often, the critical questions are whether the hazard constitutes an unreasonably dangerous property condition - whether the owner knew about the dangerous condition - and whether steps were taken to correct the condition in a timely manner. If you are walking down the aisle of a grocery store and the person just in front of you drops a banana peel on the floor, the store would not have known about the slip and fall hazard and the store would not have had time to correct the hazardous condition. 

However, if the banana peel had been there for several hours, a jury might find that the store owner should have known about the hazard due to the length of time. A lot of the legal argument does hinge on these common sense issues such as whether the injury was likely to happen and whether the owner knew about the problem and had a chance to take care of it before someone was injured. The property owners are held to a "reasonable" standard with respect to the dangerous property conditions. The law of premises liability is constantly changing, so you may want to consult a Las Vegas Premises Liability Lawyer to see if you have a viable accident claim for compensation.

Las Vegas Slip And Fall Accidents

Slip and fall incidents may be the most common types of premises liability claims. It has been approximated that slip, trip and fall accidents cause about 15% of all of the accidental deaths and that these accidents are only behind car accidents as the leading cause of accidental deaths in the USA. Slip and Fall accidents can occur in Las Vegas hotels, casinos, restaurants, supermarkets, conventions and any other business in Las Vegas. 

Many slip and fall accidents can occur when a foreign substance accumulates on the floor and causes the floor to lose friction and become slick. Water, grease, wax and many other substances can contribute to a slip and fall accident. A Las Vegas Slip And Fall Lawyer may have an accident expert use a device to measure the friction coefficient of the floor. This would tell the Las Vegas Accident Lawyer whether the flooring material (tile, wood, linoleum) was not very slip-resistant.

 Many of the Las Vegas Hotel & Casino properties have faced slip & fall lawsuits. Sometimes, the slip and fall is caught on camera and this could either make or break the case. It is very important to make sure that an Accident Report is made after the slip and fall. Look over the report and make sure that it accurately reflects what happened. Also, make sure that you get the names of any witnesses to the accident because their testimony or statements could be crucial in establishing your accident claim for damages. Seek medical attention immediately if you were hurt and contact a Las Vegas Lawyer to obtain any information you need about making an accident claim for damages in Las Vegas (or any other city in Nevada).

Las Vegas Trip And Fall Accidents

A Trip and Fall accident occurs when there is some obstruction in a person's path, which causes the person to trip and sustain an injury. Many of these cases hinge on whether the condition causing the trip is visible or whether the condition is a violation of the building code. An example of poor visibility would be a single step in a long stretch of concrete. Many people could not see that there was a step and this makes it foreseeable that the step could cause an injury. If there is a building code violation, the law in Nevada provides that the violation could be used to establish negligence. 



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