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By Prev Info - February 19, 2022

Las Vegas Car Accidents Cause Physical And Emotional Damage

Car accidents injure thousands of people everyday. Families are often financially ruined due to medical bills and lost wages. Some Las Vegas auto accidents may only be "fender benders," but others can result in major property damage, serious injury, disfigurement, permanent impairment and even death. The most severe damage to a family occurs when a family member is killed in a Las Vegas accident due to the negligent, careless or reckless act of a driver. Drunk driving is still a major cause of Las Vegas car accident deaths. 

After the loss of a family member in a Las Vegas car wreck, the family members are suffering on many levels. There is the obvious pain and suffering in working through the grief process. There is also the suffering due to the loss of financial support from the deceased driver. This can add financial stress to the intense emotional distress the family is enduring after their loved one died in a Las Vegas auto accident. Other injuries can cause pain and impairment for the entire life of the Las Vegas car accident victim. Even with minor injuries, the Las Vegas car wreck victim goes through pain, discomfort, loss of wages and the inconvenience of numerous visits to the Doctor or Chiropractor. A Las Vegas Accident Lawyer can help you to recover for the physical and emotional pain you were forced to endure as a result of a Las Vegas car accident. Contact a Las Vegas Lawyer to discuss any questions you have about Las Vegas auto accident claims.

Contact A Nevada Lawyer Early To Handle Paperwork & Negotiations

While you are beginning to recover from your Las Vegas car accident injuries, you have to deal with all of the paperwork associated with the accident such as the accident reports, insurance forms, medical bills, correspondence and other paperwork in order to get your car fixed and make the proper notification of your Las Vegas auto accident claim. On top of the sometimes daunting paperwork, you may have an insurance adjuster from the other driver's insurance company pressing you to accept a low settlement for your injuries. It is a lot to deal with at a time when you are focusing your effort on getting better and getting on with your life. A Las Vegas Lawyer can help you get the most for your Nevada car accident claim by making sure all the claims procedures are followed - by aggressively negotiating for a fair and quick settlement - and by filing a lawsuit when the insurance company stops negotiating in good faith.

You Could Be Compensated For Damages In Your Accident Claim

In Nevada, car accident victims who were injured may be able to recover damages for their emotional distress, disability, permanent disfigurement, pain and suffering, dismemberment, wrongful death, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of consortium and other types of general damage. Nevada car accident victims may also be able to recover special damages, which could include past, present and future medical bills, out-of-pocket expenses, wage loss, and the loss of earnings potential. Prolonged pain and suffering, severity of the injuries, invasiveness of surgical procedures, whether the other driver received a traffic citation, and shocking misconduct by the driver causing the accident can all be factors which contribute to a large settlement or a large jury trial award. A Las Vegas Attorney can explain which damages you may be entitled to receive in your Las Vegas car accident claim.

Be Wary If An Adjuster Asks You About Injuries And Liability

Insurance companies are supposed to pay for the negligence of their insured drivers. However, the insurance company retains more profit if it can pay less to settle your accident claim for injuries sustained in a Las Vegas auto accident. An insurance company may have many lawyers, adjusters, and investigators who are generally looking to limit the company's liability and pay the least amount to settle a Las Vegas car accident claim. This is not saying that many of the people in the claims adjusting and processing field are not honest, fair and hard working people, this is just letting you know that the other driver's insurance company does not have the goal of protecting your interest and getting you the highest settlement possible for your claim. 

You can often settle for the property damage to your car in a quick and fair manner. You probably will not have to get your Las Vegas Lawyer involved in getting your car fixed. However, you should not talk to the adjust about whose fault the accident was or how you felt after the accident. Some adjusters are trained to get you to say something which could affect your Las Vegas car accident claim. If an adjuster is pressing you to discuss liability or to minimize your injuries, tell the adjuster: "I don't want to discuss that at this time." Then, you may want to contact a Las Vegas Personal Injury  Lawyer immediately so you have someone representing your best interest whose goal is to get you the maximum amount possible as compensation for your Las Vegas car accident injuries. 

Some insurance companies may send you brochures and letters telling you that you do not need a Personal Injury Lawyer to settle your Las Vegas car accident claim for damages. Remember, the insurance company would not spend the time, money or effort to convince you to settle on your own if it did not make them a profit. You have to be careful. You may need someone to be your advocate. You may need a Las Vegas Lawyer to maximize your settlement or aggressively litigate your Las Vegas auto accident case in a court of law.

Steps To Take After A Las Vegas Car Accident

-Remain calm and call for any emergency medical help immediately.

-Call Las Vegas Metro Police (LVMPD) - the Nevada Highway Patrol (NHP) or whichever department patrols the area of your Nevada auto accident so the officers can investigate the accident and make an Accident Report (Police Report).

-Don't let the other driver talk you out of reporting the accident because the Accident Report can verify facts of the accident and your case is often stronger if the other driver receives a citation.

-Exchange information with the other driver (get the driver’s and the owner’s license number, name, address, and insurance information.

-If there are any witnesses, be sure to get their names, addresses, and phone numbers

-If you feel any symptoms or pain, seek immediate medical attention because sometimes even slight sensations can indicate serious injuries.

-Don't get into a discussion about the accident with the other driver or any witnesses at the scene of the Las Vegas car accident.

-Do not discuss the accident with anyone except for the police officers who are investigating the Las Vegas car accident or any medical professionals who need to know about your injuries.

-sign a release until you have called Berger and Green.

-Don't accept a check from the other driver’s insurance company immediately after the accident if you have even a slightest injury because some auto accident injuries do not surface right away and you could be signing a Release in which you give up your right to a lawsuit.

-Get as many pictures as you can of all of your physical injuries, the damage to your car and the accident scene.

-Get all of your paperwork together which pertains to your Las Vegas auto accident including the accident report, all auto insurance information, any of your medical bills you have received and any letters you got from the insurance companies.

Call at lawyer for a consultation to evaluate which damages you may be entitled to receive as compensation for the injuries you got in a Las Vegas car accident.





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