How A Los Angeles Accident Attorney Can With Electrocution

By Prev Info - February 16, 2022

As anybody knows, who has ever gotten even the smallest of electric shocks, it can be very painful. When more serious shocks occur, they can cause severe burns, muscle injury and nerve damage. In some cases it can stop the heart and be fatal. If you live in the state of California and you or a member of your family have been injured by electrocution then a Los Angeles accident attorney may well be able to help.

If the accident has occurred whilst at work you will probably be entitled to or covered by workers compensation. However if the problem lies with a third party contractor or indeed faulty equipment due to malpractices, then there is a chance that you can file a claim against that person or company for negligence. If your electrocution results in severe burns that need treatment, then there is also a strong possibility that your attorney will be able to help you claim for medical expenses, ongoing treatment and in some cases loss of earnings.

Electrocution accidents can happen anywhere and are more commonly caused by man-made objects rather than by something like a lightening strike. In general people who work closely with electrics such as cable erectors or electrical engineers are far more likely to suffer an electric shock injury. Statistically however, over one third of electric shock fatalities in the USA are caused by overhead power lines.

When someone has an electric shock accident it will at first glance seem fairly minor as you will see burn marks from entry and exit points where the electricity has flowed through the victim's body. Apart from that the person will bare hardly any physical signs. However, when electricity travels through the body it tends to find a path that will allow the least resistance. Therefore the person will be at much greater risk of internal injuries such as nerve and muscle damage and in worst cases, organ damage and failure.

In California, the majority of these type of accidents are down to negligence on somebody's part, whether that be the victim themselves or the company who failed to comply with regulations. Therefore in a case such as this, it is well worth contacting an experienced Los Angeles accident attorney who has dealt with these types of cases before. More often than not in situations such as these, you are dealing with large contractors who have their own lawyers or attorneys.

 These law firms will be on the side of the company and will try to prove negligence on the victim's part. An experienced attorney who has dealt with similar cases will know all the intricacies of such a claim and will have a good understanding of what needs to be done to get a result. This is why it's important to choose a law firm wisely, based on experience and previous results.

To avoid electrical injuries in the workplace it is advisable to follow a few simple guidelines:

Use the right tools for the job

A majority of electric shocks are caused by not using the right tools for the job in question. If you feel that you don't have the right tools to carry out the task, then speak to your manager.


if you are working closely with electrical equipment, it is vital that you have had sufficient training n order to carry out the work safely. If you haven't had the training, then you shouldn't be doing the job.

Identify potential hazards

If you are a manager, it is important to do frequent inspections of the workplace or site, to uncover problems or potential hazards. If you come across one, then isolate the area until it is fixed.

Wear protective clothing

Some jobs need protective clothing in order to carry out the job safely, so if the company supply you with this, then it's your job to wear it. If any safety equipment is faulty, then report it through your chain of management.

If you can adhere to these basic safety guidelines then chances are that you will avoid serious injury or even death. If however you believe that you have taken every precaution necessary and still end up becoming the victim of electrocution, then you really should contact a Los Angeles accident attorney.





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