An Overview of Third Party Construction Accident Liability - work injury lawyer

By Prev Info - February 21, 2022

Third Party Construction Accident Liability Overview

Construction site accidents are frequently devastating. Generally far more severe than other sorts of work place accidents, construction injuries may result in permanent disabilities and in some cases death. Despite the fact that construction workers suffer the largest proportion of work-based injuries and fatalities in the country, claims for constructions accidents and injuries often may only be filed through California Workers Compensation.

Workers compensation laws were originally created to protect workers. In some ways they still do, as claims are “no-fault” when filed by or against them. However, due to the limitations on the amount and types of damages that a victim of a workplace accident can receive, it may often seem that Workers Compensation Laws are more protective of the employers and their financial statements than any employee. Workers compensation claim limits protect the employer from excessive financial liability in most claims of negligence on the job.

Examples of Third Party Construction Accident Liability

A third party is someone besides the employer who is partially or fully responsible for an accident or injury. For example, if an accident was a result of faulty machinery, the manufacturer or distributor responsible for the proper manufacturing and distribution of that object could be held legally liable as a third party. Some other examples of liable third parties are subcontractors, delivery companies, other employees and inspection companies.

In short, a third party construction accident liability lawsuit may be the only way to receive appropriate compensation for a construction accident injury or death.

Types of Third Party Construction Accident Liability

Falls are the number one cause of a construction site accidents followed by contact with machinery or equipment. Broken bones, spinal and brain injuries, burns, electrocution and sprains are all injuries that may result from third party actions on a job site.

How Third Party Construction Accidents Occur

Construction site injuries may occur when a worker falls from a ladder, roof or faulty scaffolding or when a worker slips on unfinished or wet floors. An employee may suffer electrocution or electrical burns from exposed wiring, or they may be injured by defective equipment or heavy machinery. A worker may fall when a trench that has not been shored up correctly collapses, or he may get burned in a welding accident. In all cases the dangerous situations causing the injury may have been due to third party negligence.

Third Party Construction Accident Liability Statistics

Approximately 150,000 construction site injuries occur annually in the United States. Construction workers between the ages of 25 and 34 are the most likely to be injured in a construction site accident. 15% of all workers compensation costs are spent on construction workers injured on site. 1,000 construction workers die each year due to job related accidents.

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