When to hire a los angeles motorcycle accident lawyer

By Prev Info - February 28, 2022

 When car and motorcycle collide, the biker always gets the worst end of the deal. Unprotected by anything but a helmet, injuries are usually terrible and have a long-lasting impact on the lives of the riders. Who is at fault when a car and a motorcycle collide? Sometimes that’s difficult to say. Was the car driver negligent? Inattentive?  Did the biker take a chance he/she shouldn’t have? Was the motorcycle rider following the law? 

These kinds of questions are best sorted out by an experienced Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney who know the law and can sort out blame. Insurance companies will attempt to settle a claim without attorneys present. But be aware, if you are involved in a motorcycle accident, only an experienced Los Angeles personal injury attorney who has experience as a motorcycle accident 

Moving vehicles are not the only culprits in Los Angeles motorcycle accidents. Potholes, sidewalk cracks and poor road conditions are frequently to blame for motorcycle accidents in which riders are thrown from their motorcycles. This kind of motorcycle accident can also be devastating to the rider, even with a helmet. A helmet cannot protect your spine or your bones from injury and all too often, these types of motorcycle accidents result in terrible injuries.

A young Los Angeles motorcyclist, T.J. Beale, had only just begun riding his new motorcycle when a terrible accident put an end to his life. At an intersection near Valley College in Van Nuys, two cars were racing each other and ran the red light, failing to see T.J. as he moved legally forward with the green light. T.J died of his injuries, not because he’d done anything wrong, but because he hadn’t taken that extra second or two to look before entering the intersection to see if a car was coming.  It was an accident that might have been survivable in a car, but fatal on a motorcycle. His grief stricken parents found a experienced Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney who sued those two drivers’ insurance companies

Los Angeles motorcycle rider Tim Connelly was riding on a quiet side street at sunset when a car that didn’t see him in the harsh light turned in front of him.  In that motorcycle accident, Tim lost his right leg and suffered head injuries, despite wearing a helmet.  Tim was in a rehabilitation facility for over a year and will live with the consequences of that careless driver’s actions for the rest of his life. Tim’s medical bills skyrocketed and he lost his job.  The other driver’s insurance company tried to settle with Tim for a fairly small amount. But Tim and his family did something smart.

 Their motorcycle accident lawyer got Tim a high six figure settlement, enough to cover his medical expenses, pay for pain and suffering and to get them back on their feet.  Their Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney was not only familiar with California motorcycle law, but had a great track record in getting settlements for his clients.

So why do you need a Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney specifically? First, you must protect your rights. 

So if you have had a motorcycle accident in Los Angeles, don’t delay in contacting an experienced Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney.  He will get the best resolution for your case and will protect what your motorcycle helmet didn’t – your future.



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