Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer

By Prev Info - February 22, 2022

 Los Angeles is a great place to live. That’s why people from around the world continue to move to the L.A. area, and why millions of others visit this second-largest city in the country.There’s so much to like about L.A.: the beaches, the people, Disneyland, Hollywood, a place where dreams are made and the weather is always great.

One aspect of L.A. life that is not so great or dreamy is its traffic. The multitude of freeways crammed with cars on hot days is not appealing to anyone. And, with that enormous number of vehicles on the road, there is a far greater chance of an accident for everyone who drives in and around the City of Angels.

That’s why if you live in Los Angeles, you need to get a competent L.A. car accident attorney on your side as soon as possible. 

Whether you were cruising on the Hollywood Freeway heading into the famous hills or rushing down the Santa Ana Freeway on the other side of the city when your collision occurred, you should know that a strong team of L.A. car accident attorneys is ready to help you when you are need.  Whether you were on the Harbor Freeway heading straight south or the Century Freeway driving west, we know how easy it can be to have a collision with another vehicle in our metro area.

You could have been driving on the Rosa Parks Freeway into the western section of the city to zoom downtown, perhaps to the Fashion District, or you might have been stuck on Main, Broadway or Maple streets within the city limits. Or, you might have been in the middle of a pack of speeding cars bolting out of town on the Pomona Freeway, or headed to NoCal on the Golden State Freeway.

Wherever you were when you were hit, we want to help.

Another factor that can make L.A. roads even more treacherous is that L.A. drivers have to share the road not only with four million other residents, they also have to contend with hundreds of thousands of tourists on any given day in rental cars. Those tourists do not always know where they are going, and many come from abroad, meaning that they have less of an understanding of U.S. traffic law. That could have meant danger for you, as you were bumped by a car changing lanes without care, or smashed by a vehicle making an illegal U-turn.

Given the continual growth of L.A., construction is another driving hazard in our area, as work zones pop up and huge trucks rush in and out of work sites. Some drivers ignore the many construction zones in the city, and they drive recklessly near to workers and vehicles at inappropriate speeds.

Whatever the details, a good L.A. car accident attorney can help you to build a case and get you the compensation you deserve. Do not ever settle for the initial settlement offered by your (or the other driver’s) insurance company after an accident. Those companies are committed to settling quickly and cheaply. They have to make a profit, so they are not tremendously concerned with your long-term medical bills and lost wages, for instance. They certainly will not take into account any pain and suffering that you have undergone.

That’s why you need an L.A. car accident lawyer to be on your side. S/he will know, from experience, just how high your medical bills can run and just how much work time you might miss as you go to rehabilitation for your spinal cord injury, or how many weeks you will be out when you have surgery on your shattered leg.

In contrast, insurance companies are not looking to pay you for a surgery you will have six months from now. Those companies do not typically pay for future, uncertain expenses. You do not want to get stuck with the bill from all of these expenses long after an insurer has “settled.”

Insurance companies are not the only entity that you might have to tangle with after an accident. Even if the other driver admitted fault at the scene of your crash, do not conclude that his/her insurance company will take care of all your financial needs after the accident. Drivers often change their mind after an accident, once they find out how high their deductibles are and/or how much their insurance rates will balloon as a result of the collision.

You could very well face the scenario of showing up in court to discover that you are the one who is claimed to be at fault, while the other driver sits surrounded by a team of lawyers wanting to “prove” that you caused the accident and that you should be responsible for all of the costs. Right at that moment, you will wish that you had an L.A. car accident lawyer on your side, too. We are here to help with that.

Don’t be fooled, either, by your physical condition immediately after an accident. You might feel okay as adrenaline rushes to various parts of your body, or you might think that you need to show your toughness and shrug off any injuries. Days later, however, when that neck ache will not go away or you feel groggy and dizzy, you will comprehend that you sustained a legitimate injury that might need long-term care. It doesn’t really matter how “tough” you are; being hurt is being hurt, and if you haven’t paid for an MRI lately or a cast and rehab, you could be in for a rude awakening.

That’s another reason why you need to have an L.A. car accident attorney by your side. You are probably not a medical doctor, and you have little idea just how serious (and expensive) your care will be in days to come. In addition, you will lose work time as you undergo physical therapy. Who is going to make up the pay you lost for that?

 As you hunt for a personal injury law firm, look for one that argues against insurance companies, not for them.

A law firm deals with all areas of traffic and accident law :

-Car accidents–whether or not the accident was your fault.

-Truck accidents–which often involve quite a bit more damage. In many instances, the truck driver is at fault.

-School bus accidents–where either your vehicle or your child was involved, taking legal action can insure the safety of others in our gigantic local school system.

-Bus accidents–with two major transit systems in L.A., hundreds of buses on the road at any one time present possibilities for accidents. If the bus is city-owned and operated, you will need a lawyer to take on the bus driver in court.

-Taxi accidents–when millions of tourists visit L.A. each year, millions of taxi rides are needed, with drivers almost always in a hurry.

-ATV accidents–these fun vehicles can be very dangerous, and injuries sustained are often quite serious.

-Vehicle defects–whether or not you were at fault, perhaps a defect with your vehicle contributed to the accident. You will need an attorney’s help to prove this. By highlighting a vehicle defect, you can help thousands of others in staying safe as they drive that model of car or truck.

-Uninsured and underinsured motorists–you do have legal recourse, even if the other driver had no insurance or was underinsured. You will need far more compensation than your typical vehicle insurance policy provides in a case like this.

-Hit-and-run accidents–you don’t have to simply be the angry victim. You can take action and possibly locate the driver at fault.

To prepare to meet with one of our Los Angeles car accident lawyers, take these important steps:

-Compile a detailed record of all of your medical appointments, diagnoses and costs.

-Keep a good record of your correspondence with insurance companies, the other driver(s) and medical professionals. All of this could prove useful in building your case.

-Gather all of the evidence that you can, including photos from the scene, eyewitnesses’ names and contact information, the police report, etc. Your personal injury lawyer will need all that you have to build the strongest case possible for you.