Your cottage cheese is oversubscribed. oversubscribed broadband

By Prev Info - February 23, 2022

If everyone decided that today was a good day to have some cottage cheese, it would take less than 5% of us to buy out every last container in every store. That’s not bad planning by the stores because the likelihood of that happening is remote, to say the least. But to be sure, cottage cheese is oversubscribed.

Is your broadband service oversubscribed?

Perhaps. Almost everything is oversubscribed. Certainly the roads and freeways are. So are the airlines and the mechanics that service our cars. That’s why we experience traffic, overbooked flights, and several days wait to get our cars serviced. We accept that people get bumped from flights and that our mechanic can’t get to our car until tomorrow, so it’s interesting that we absolutely don’t want to wait for our data traffic to get across the Internet.

Fortunately, fixing an oversubscribed broadband pipe is easy. You simply purchase more. The broadband supply seems almost infinite. Having been in broadband sales for over a decade, I can tell you that is exactly what people do. Customers want a broadband pipe that instantly pushes or pulls as much as they can possibly throw at it. Whatever they have, doesn’t feel like enough, and they want MORE!

But before you go crazy and double your broadband, understand what is really going on. Almost certainly, you’re not maxing out your broadband connection all day. You are most likely spiking at times and having periodic episodes of oversubscription. This is causing latency and packet loss and your applications may slow to a crawl. Ideally, your Internet service provider should show you broadband utilization graphs and if your usage is spiking periodically, you can resolve the issue with just a bit more bandwidth, instead of doubling your bandwidth.

business internet providers provides customer utilization graphs and can also turn up your bandwidth temporarily to see where your peak usage tops out. Access to this data enables you to custom fit your broadband usage to your bandwidth to a level that is productive and efficient. If you feel that your bandwidth is maxed out, ask your Internet service provider if they can custom fit it for you. Now that we’ve solved that, remember to go to the cottage cheese shelf when you’re shopping to grab some before it’s gone.

Switch to an ISP that custom fits your broadband to your usage and your budget.