Broadband Internet

By Prev Info - February 22, 2022

Broadband has seen a rapid growth over the past couple of years. Not only business customers but also residential users are shifting towards broadband internet services because of the high speed of internet access that is available via a broadband service. The rapid growth of Broadband services has also come with intense competition in the broadband market. The competition among broadband providers has made the services more affordable for users as each broadband provider has tried to gain ground by reducing service prices or introducing promotional offers.

The high speeds of broadband have made it possible for users to do so much more on the internet. The availability of broadband services has also fueled the growth of broadband-friendly content such as streaming music and videos, games, and other multimedia applications. For businesses where time often spells money, employee access to broadband has almost become the absolute necessity.

Apart from the benefits of high speeds, broadband also offers convenience of an always-on connection which basically gives you internet access right at your fingertips. Where with dial-up users had to go through the frustration of having to dialup each time in order to connect to the internet, with broadband that whole process is eliminated. Moreover, for residential users, broadband eliminates the need of an additional phone line.

Broadband Service types

Under the broadband internet service category, there are a variety of services, all of which give you high speed internet access. When you try to determine which broadband service type to go for, you may need to evaluate and compare broadband services on various criteria such as connection speeds, price, availability, installation or equipment costs, etc.

Broadband Wireless

Unlike WLANs, Broadband Wireless facilitates simultaneous delivery of voice, data and video. Broadband wireless requires clear line of sight between transmitter and receiver. Broadband wireless can be in the form of Local multi-point distribution service (LMDS) or Multi-channel multi-point distribution service (MMDS).



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